Fate Weaver EP

by Fate Weaver

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Debut release of Fate Weaver


released November 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Fate Weaver Athens, Greece

Formed in 2013, we released our self-titled EP on the 1st of November 2015.

Aiming for our 1st full length album , on Feb 2017 we proceeded to a single release of the song "Shapeless". Looking forward to spreading our music and gigging around! ... more

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Track Name: Red December
Cursed is the day when light left our eyes
when hope parted from our reality.
Fear and terror had taken their toll
before hunger and torment weakened our bodies.

Then they came like a storm,
crashing down on weak walls.
It was blade and fire that finished
what be-trayal had started
so we lost the grip
of our own fate…

''Blood and thunder
the day the tyrants marched
Blood and thunder
the day we lost our home.''

We should have chosen dignity in death,
a stand worthy of our ideals...but
at the end of our cowardice
we found a mass of graves,
the end of all we once held dear.
Chained to their dark juggernaut,
we offer the currency of the slayers of nations,
our blood and soul.

Now we the wretched slaves can only dream,
dream of the day we will redeem ourselves.

''Blood and thunder will crack the skies,
as tyrants burn and a new sun rises.''
Track Name: Horror
Plague-like, infectious to the core
the claws of the West imperium
reach out to conquer
destroy to expand and expand to destroy more
the vultures saw profit
and they carved a deep wound
in humanity's fate..

i hear...
The cries of pain and torment
As vanity preys on the weak
They are lurching from their graves
filled with horror of the human race...

Starring at the sky, we are all alone
Every night we die, the same fraud
Fear belongs to thee, look into your misery
An explosion in your head
what would you expect, to find...

i hear...
The cries of pain and torment
As vanity preys on the weak
They are lurching from their graves
filled with horror of the human race...
Track Name: The Hate Within
You want to see him burn
he'll be a light in your hate filled darkness
You want to watch him suffer
his pain will give meaning to your wretched life

A deep fear for life
A deeper disgust for your own soul
that is the mark you carry
the mark that turned you
rotten from within

These days its just so hard
to meet the man behind the mask
a trace of good
in their poisonous gaze

The taint that laid
deeply unseen
the seed left to grow free
there you stand, my dark kin
projection of all the hate within.

scream for a thought
and laugh for this game
the nightmare that binds you
to this horror plane.

Your heart lays frozen
and your mind is shut
the flames of damnation
misery and darkness
crawl through your mind
you shall burn forever
(in) a dark place
you filled with your hate